President Obama and

Dear President Obama,

I’m sure you get this all the time. I have a suggestion for you. You actually brought this upon yourself. You promised to make healthcare more affordable. Now I must say I was with you on this from the beginning. I have friends and relatives that live in other countries and in their countries insurance is covered 100% by the government. They do pay higher taxes to get this privilege but for all the additional services I think it’s worth it.

In America. many people die because they can’t afford the prescription costs or the medical equipment or the therapy needed.

You are really not going to believe my suggestion because frankly, it’s pretty darn simple and the results could reduce medical costs dramatically. In my example, it would be about 2000%.

Ok, here it is: Medicare should sign up to be an “Amazon Prime Member.” I’m sure Mr. Jeff Bezos may even give you a discount on the membership because of the anticipated volume of business that you would do with them.

Here’s my example. The doctor prescribed a nebulizer for Grandma to help with her breathing. Fitzsimmons Medical Equipment were ever so helpful with their quick response by dropping one off on our doorstep within a day. They are an approved vendor for Medicare! The contract that they wanted Grandma to sign stated that they would charge her $60.00 a month for a year if Medicare didn’t cover it.

I made a note of the model number and went to What did I find but the exact same model in the exact same box at a price of $38.00 with free shipping because I’m an Amazon Prime Member! That’s like a 2000% reduction. You have to think that kind of reduction would have a tremendous positive impact on the economy overall if we could do it for other items as well.

I stopped off at Fitzsimmons Medical Supply Store to return the Nebulizer. On the shelf in the store was about 30 more of the Nebulizers. There were also about over 100 walkers to assist people. Considering the aging population, the number of hospitals etc they must be selling thousands of these a day at all their stores around the country. I looked up one on Amazon also. Again it was priced similarly to the nebulizer at $38.00. Are they charging $60.00 a month for this too for each one that goes out? Hell, this company is doing better than the casino’s in raking in the money. We don’t even get to pull the handle or listen to the bells on the one arm bandit to be entertained while they take our money. They don’t even give us a free dinner buffet for spending our money with them. We don’t even get points to redeem for other prizes like the casino does.

President Obama, you want to be remembered for what you did in office. It would take 4-5 minutes at to sign up and have one of the greatest impacts on the American Public in our history by any president ever!

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  1. Earl, you are fantastic (any ol’ superlative would do) I needed to say that first. Have missed you as I know you have missed me. It’s about time I come out of hiding. Of course it probably will be a few years before you read this so I’ll take this opportunity to congratulate you on your 65 birthday–and immediate retirement. Bloody likely! Floyd. Yes that Floyd.

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