My Race To The Grave

I guess some people might say I had a death wish with the way I have let myself go. I’ve talked about my Coca Cola addiction for years but I haven’t let it go. I’ve cut it down from 8-10 cokes a day to maybe one every other day or so. My weight has crept up steadily for years. In fact for the last 18 years being tied to a desk and becoming sedentary in my daily life has helped further that issue. As they say if you don’t use it you lose it. My legs at one time were “strong as bull” now they just about fall apart carrying the load. So what happens, two blood clots in the leg and multiple embolisms (5) in my lungs. Anyone of them could kill me. I was lucky they were very small and the doctor said I was a lucky SOB as if they were any bigger I would be dead or in the operating room right now. My thyroid is also off, which has prevented me from losing weight and has other impacts on my health. Arthritis has also come into my life and has made itself home in my knees, hips and my C4 vertebrae where it is pressing on several nerves and or blood vessels making me dizzy in the head.

Weight issues have always been an issue with my siblings and myself. I believe my father passed that lovely gene down to us. Our mother has fared well in the gene department regarding weight. So my dear sisters and friends (Todd) apparently we have been in a race to see who can get to the grave the soonest. I do plan on losing this race. I hope you join me in this attempt to stop the race. Apparently it starts with one step at a time in the opposite direction. A moving target is harder to hit. I guess I will have to let my Apple Watch yell at me every so many minutes to get up and move (I was tired of that). I’ve gotten a head start, 14 lbs. down so far in the last two weeks on the lovely cardiac diet. This meat and potatoes guy has actually eaten some vegetables and salad. But let Mom know I will still not eat those cold yellow wax beans with the cream sauce.

2 thoughts on “My Race To The Grave

  1. I feel your pain. I lost 65 lbs. 3 years ago and have gained most of it back. I felt so good when I was leaner. Truth is at 230 lbs. my stomach was sucked in a nd all of my ribs showed. At 314 not. I am going to try to lose it again. Race? Last time I followed the Whole 30 plan. NO: alcohol, sugar or substitutes, legumes (except green beans), dairy (except ghee), no processed anything, and the toughest one no grains! No rice, wheat, bread, tortillas… 30 days! I even made my own catsup and salad dressing and mayo. This time I plan to cut grains and all sugar subs. The good thing with this plan, potatoes (not fried) and meat are OK. Check the plan out!

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