My New Mission Belt

It’s no secret just like many people, I too have the ongoing battle of the bulge. Because of this battle  many men seem to have a similar problem as I have with belts wearing out pretty quick. We are always adjusting our belts. So we are always bending the belt back and forth to get it to the right position and in the right hole. Eventually a crease in the leather/vinyl belt shows up and not long after a crack and before you know it, it’s hanging by a thread.

When I was a kid my dad had a belt that some people call a “military” belt. Some call it a slip belt. I always thought it was a better design. But whenever I went looking for one all I found was cloth belts with the “slip” buckle. When you wear a suit or dress pants every day a cloth belt just isn’t my style. Cloth belts were always in the wrong color and one thing I usually am is, somewhat color coordinated.

So a while back I found online the Mission Belt Company. But they didn’t have my large size. So I went on making do with the usual belt. Then one day I was watching one of my favorite shows, “Shark Tank” and low and behold the young man who started the company was on the show trying to get funds from one of the “sharks” to help develop his company further. If I remember correctly I think he did get one of the sharks.

Mission Belt

Well, it came time again for me to wear through my belt so I sent an email to the company asking about larger sizes and they said they would be coming out soon. I nursed my last two belts and saved for this desired belt. I ordered it from Amazon and we get free shipping so I have now been wearing it for one whole day. It’s the greatest belt I have ever worn! It’s so comfortable and no adjusting my belt all day long! I even had the ladies in the office looking at my nether area to admire my new purchase. I believe The Mission Belt Company is getting a few more orders today or soon.

So now I have done another commercial instead of my usual complaining and hopefully the thousands of readers that I have will be flocking to Mission Belt Company to make their purchases. Now being the great marketer that I am and informing you all of this Mission Belt Company and I hopefully will rank well for this “key word” I will be hearing shortly from the Mission Belt Company wanting to send me a belt for my efforts! I’ll proudly wear it and sing its praises! End of my commercial!