I’ve Been An Unhappy Man.

I’ve considered myself to be an unhappy man. I’m always doing something I don’t want to do. Or I want to be somewhere else. I don’t want to talk, I want to just listen for the silence. But all I hear is noise. The way I want my life conflicts with the way the people I want to be with are living their life. No one has time for us, we have given all our time away. We never have enough. Life gets in the way for all of us I think.

This is how we go through life. Everyone wants a puppy. They’re so cute, you want to just hold them and squeeze them and play with them. Even them pooping in the house we can live with as there so cute. But then they grow up and there not as adorable as that puppy. They’re not the same. The same with our kids. They’re all cute and adorable when they’re so small and learning to do everything and they make you laugh and give you so much love. Then they grow up and it feels like the aliens have taken over their body.

God gave us free will, that’s the problem. I/we have no one to blame but ourselves. Everything wrong in our lives is because of the choices we all made. I made the choice to work for Donald Trump years ago at one of his hotels as a manager I don’t feel like sharing that now. I made the choice to teach my kids how to drive like a crazy guy. Now one of them is doing the same as me. The other one refuses to drive at all.

If we really sit down and backtrack we will find where we went wrong. No, we can’t change what we have done. The time machine is still not here yet. At some point in our lives, we chose the path we’re on. We just accepted it as it was the path in front of us and said why not. No one told us about the other paths and what they could offer. After a while you just tell yourself this path is fine, I’ll stay on it, and eventually what I want will be down this path, no reason to change.

So every day we wake up and make a decision as to which direction to take. You can change your path at any time but, will you be so bold to choose the path less trodden or unfamiliar. The path of least resistance will not challenge you.  For years I told people I wasn’t a risk-taker but in reality, the path I was on led me on a path of least resistance. That path was actually putting myself and my family in an even risker position. Not a path of opportunity but a path of relentlessness, unforgiving, inhumaneness.

Now that I have you all depressed, I do see light at the end of the tunnel. I’ve been making my own map for a new path and I hope you all find the right path much sooner than I did, as it gets harder as you get older.

My new path is fast approaching. The retirement path is a better path for me. I will have more control over this path. I will have three hours a day more to do what I want instead of commuting. More time to be with family, or to watch Netflix, Youtube, and write endless dribble on this page for you to read. Or maybe a new puppy to shit all over the house. Choose wisely folks.