My Guardian Angels

During my lifetime I have had the opportunity to meet thousands of people. I occasionally go to different conferences and sometimes I stand all day at an exhibit show and greet people as they come by my booth or shall I say drag them in as they come walking by. I’ve also had to give speeches before large groups and I’ve taught marketing and business classes at a local university. I’ve even use to have a monthly publication which went out to 10,000 people every month and met many of them on a regular basis at Chamber functions and different events. Then theirs all the guests that have stayed in my hotels over the years.

With absolute confidence I can say that I have seen people in almost every type of circumstance. There aren’t very many of them but once in a while you meet someone that seem to be one of the happiest people you have ever met. They exude happiness through every pore in their body. I think everyone that meets them has got to be saying how do they do it? You could be in a meeting with them discussing something serious and they are just smiling away at you and the positivity coming forth really makes you take a step back and wonder if this person is for real.

I have discovered in life that if I do enter into situations with a smile and a positive attitude I generally seem to get further. But to do this consistently seems unimaginable. They must have super powers that we don’t know exist. Thinking positively versus acting positively are tremendously different.

When I’m driving down the highway and you suddenly have a tailgater and he really wants to just push you out of the way run you off the road seemingly to have no regard for your safety or others nearby can set me off like nothing else. My positive attitude gets very positive about what I want to do to this person! I decided I needed to curb my reaction because at some point in time my reaction may have inappropriate responses endangering myself and others as bad as the tailgaters. Several people have suggested that I ask for assistance each day of my “Guardian Angels.”

So to the surprise of many of my friends I’m sure I have done just that. Unfortunately, I have to ask repeated times throughout the day for assistance from my guardian angels. You see I have a thick skull and to penetrate it takes a bit of time I’m sure. It seems to be working during the drive time. When I do it and I seem to communicate with the “angels” I get the feeling of being at peace with myself and a calmness comes over me. Reminding me of those “happy” people I have met over the years. They must be feeling this peace this calmness because nothing seems to phase them. I guess you could also call it a “letting go” of all the anger that has built up inside of me.

So one step at a time to learn about this inner peace and how I can become one of the “happy ones.” Has anyone else been dealing with this let me know!


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