My Opinion Doesn’t Really Matter!

My Opinion Once Again

In my opinion I think I’m typical of many older people in that I find that I have less patience. I have less patience with “Grandma” drivers! You know the ones… who go too slow or are in the left turn lane and they go straight and cut you off and think nothings wrong! The left turn arrow on the street beneath thier car is about 8-10 feet accross and bright yellow but they can’t see it. But what do I know its only my opinion!

Or how about kids who can’t count change back that work in stores. They rely on the computer to tell them what to give back. God forbid if we are ever attacked and they do some sort of EMT Pulse Machine and wipe out all electrical what would these kids do? How about simple courtesy? Holding the door for someone, if you offer someone something in front of other people don’t you also offer it to the others in the room?

In my opinion the next generation coming into the workplace seems to be missing a number of skills.  I think many of them spent too much time in front of the “gaming console” killing off the zombies, running over people, hunting aliens, mastering their online martial arts skills! Unfortunalty those skills just aren’t too popular in the workplace these days. I don’t know, pulling out a 15 inch bowie knife out of the sheath and holding it up to a clients stretched out neck might get the client to sign the contract a little faster!

But then again whom am I to judge. I’m like many other typical baby boomers that grew up having a work ethic, learned common courtesy, I had a full time job since 2nd year of high school, I could entertain myself without the TV or internet (though that is a hard one), volunteer my time when its needed and basically care for my fellow man! Yet so many of  the baby boomers are out of work and our skills just aren’t enough any more. I better keep practicing killing those aliens, who knows when the next job offer might come along it might be important! I forgot what generation this is coming into the workplace. I know there was generation X, we must be on “Z” by now! In My Opinion, its time to start over anyway and the next generation should be “A” and maybe we will get it right this time?

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