Ronald D You Are Remembered

Ronald Louis Johannsen

His name was Ronald Louis Johannsen. I called him “Ronald D.” We were buddies from the moment we met. We explored every inch of the nearby forest with our bikes and hiking through it. Climbing the biggest trees was one of our favorite things to do. We didn’t always talk a lot, we really just enjoyed the view wherever we went. Fishing was our next favorite pastime. In all my life that was the only thing that would get me up that early in the morning. I actually hated eating fish and still do but the time I spent together with my friend Ron was one of the few great memories of my childhood.

Ron got his driver’s license before me and we had our first double date together. I believe he had a very attractive young girl named Ann who apparently made a better impression than my young lady as I don’t remember her name. But Ron and Ann certainly stayed together and how he got her to move to Texas I’ll never know.

I actually went to Texas with Ron after we graduated and I couldn’t stand the heat and humidity. I think I preferred the four seasons up here in the Midwest. As usual, life gets in the way and we drifted apart and grew our families and our careers. I was lucky enough to reconnect with Ron a couple of years ago and it sounded as if he had retired and slowed down a bit but I heard the twinkle in his voice when he spoke of his daughters and Ann. I think Ann thought I was a bad influence on him and as it should be, because in life, your wife comes first when you make that commitment. I wish I had the chance to spend more time together with my old friend. I think a lot of people lament on those words but they are true. Happy trails to you my friend until we meet again!