Soothe The Savage Beast!

I like a lot of different music. Though I’ve always considered myself a “soft rock” kind of guy! Or I’m a little bit country (I always was in love with Marie Osmond). A few years back I had the opportunity to be at a conference in Florida. The first night was a big reception at a very large hotel with different “food stations” all over the place including out by the pool. But you know Florida, hot and humid and who in their right mind dressed in a suit and tie is willing to stand out by the pool?

I walked into the ballroom that wasn’t that crowded and walked up to the stage where some of the evenings entertainment was setting up. I was standing less than 4-5 feet from the conductor of the Florida Symphony Orchestra.  They began playing while I stood there and the other guests mulled around the room going from one food station to another. It’s not too often one finds oneself in this position. I was mesmerized. I had never really taken the time to listen to this type of music. ( I have led a very sheltered life). It went on for over an hour or so and I never left. Thank god I had already stocked up on food from all the hors d’oeuvres stations.

Since that day, I occasionally will listen to a classical music station for a while. But it’s got to be just right. To me when the music is right it’s like I’m hearing the “Pied Piper” and I want to follow it forever. Of course I always don’t have the time to listen very long.

Recently I discovered the “Piano Guys.” They take modern music with a piano and a cello and shall we say class it up. Now you are thinking the old elevator music or should I say “Muzak,” but no they usually do it very upbeat and put a lot of feeling and passion into it. It definitely soothes the savage beast in me. The “little woman” always complains when it’s a full moon, she says it’s the worst time for me. So if I spend a few minutes on You Tube and listen to them on their channel I do relax. In fact it makes me wish I could play another musical instrument besides the “Juice Harp” that I have.

If you have a few moments go here (the Piano Guys)  relax and listen and I guarantee you’ll be taken away and renewed, refreshed and I don’t think anyone else in the house will complain.

In My Life and My Opinion maybe on this Valentine’s Day you can use it to soothe your savage beast of a partner!

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