How we measure our lives!

How do we measure our lives? In seconds past, in accomplishments in our careers, how much money we have accumulated (lost that one), by our children, by just surviving? I guess it’s up to each one of us individually to decide how we will measure our own life. Another question some people ponder is… If you could do it over again would you make the same decisions? This is a tough one. Maybe some  decisions I would and some I wouldn’t. Like a certain job I chose I might have not taken it as an example.
Another way you can put this, is do you have any regrets? I think no matter how you lived your life or what decisions you made there will always be some regret. I mean no one lives the perfect life. By no means am I considering my life done, but at periodic times I think we all do some reflection. I could second guess myself on almost all my decisions except for one. Marisia my wife was one of the best decisions I have made in my life. On her birthday I am writing this to proclaim to the world that on this one aspect of my life I did choose the right person. Is it perfect no, but it was the right decision for me, I needed her more than I think she needed me. As a person, deep down I think she improved me, changed me for the better and what ever I have accomplished in my life I do owe to her.
So being the strong male of the species that is not suppose to show emotion or shall I say hide my feelings, this is my attempt to put it out there for all to see! For all to know that without this woman I am nothing, in fact they say the “two shall be one,” well I think I was 40% and she was at least 60% (maybe more) of the one!
So I guess I measure my life by how succesful I was in finding the right partner.
Thank you Marisia!

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