How we measure our lives!

How do we measure our lives? In seconds past, in accomplishments in our careers, how much money we have accumulated (lost that one), by our children, by just surviving? I guess it’s up to each one of us individually to decide how we will measure our own life. Another question some people ponder is… If you could do it over again would you make the same decisions? This is a tough one. Maybe some  decisions I would and some I wouldn’t. Like a certain job I chose I might have not taken it as an example. Continue reading

Your One Family Member!

When you ask people about thier family you watch thier face. Look for thier reaction. In many cases, you will see the roll of the eyes with the suggested thought like “don’t get me started on my family.” Hell, I’m sure I’m on that list to be shipped off by my kids. Fortunatly or unfortunalty we all have them. Sometimes thier great, sometimes you want to escape from them or ship them off to another planet right? All except for one family member! I’m willing to bet on this one…that, this one family member, no ones embarresed by. No one wants to ship them off to Sibera. This family member will  be unjudgemental, forever forgiving, and have steadfast love and respect for you and your opinions no matter what!

Now imagine having to look this person in the eye and give the order to to end thier life! To end the life of maybe the only person on this earth to never judge you, to never force thier opinion on you, to love you un-conditionilly.

To us, Vegas had a personality so therefore I do call her a person rather than a dog. Yes, I did have to end her life! I didn’t want to, I wanted to save her, I wanted to protect her, I wanted to run away with her as fast as I could. I didn’t though I just froze. I couldn’t explain to her why, I just had to stare at her eyes and watch her slip out of our lives forever. I will always regret it, I will never forgive myself for not doing a better job taking care of her, wether I could have or not.

Vegas and I

My Son The Employee of the Year!

My oldest son EJ just informed me that he was named employee of the year at the company he works at. Now this is the son that I worried about when he was growing up. As I have said before we as parents are always concerned about how your kids will turn out. As a parent you do not want to “let go” you want to be involved in your kids life and at the same time their trying to get away from you. They don’t want you controlling their life. They want to be on their own and they want to live their life not yours. Thats a struggle that all parents go through until your comfortable enough to realize that their ok and they know what their doing. Its a great feeling and I couldn’t be prouder of EJ that he’s got his act together. He’s also got someone in his life who I’ve only met once. Her name is Hillary and I think she has had a good impact on him! I hope I have the oportunity to get to know her better.
Good job my son.

My Life and My Sons

Growing up I didn’t think that far ahead about my life. I was more into what was happening right there, right then. Or maybe I thought as far ahead as the weekend and what I was going to do. Sometimes we think farther ahead about our careers and where we want to be in five or ten years in regard to a position we may want to obtain or how much money we want to make. But beyond that I don’t think many of us think of many more details than that.

One of the things that I think alot about is wether I am close to my sons or not. Now the Adams men have always been pretty serious guys. My father was taken away from me when I was 11 years old. Their wasn’t a lot of hugging that I remember. He seemed to be a strong and confident man though. I wanted to be that for my sons also. Its hard to learn how to be a good parent but you want to do your best. Having split from my wife, my role with my oldest son changed alot. I was relagated by my ex to become the dislipinarian. She would call me during the week and have me yell at my son to get his homework done or his chores, what ever. I knew I was becoming the bad guy! I could easily understand why later on, he would rebel and why he would hesitate today to having his own kids and develop a family. I always told my sons that when they left high school that many of their friends would turn out not to be friends at all. If their lucky maybe one or two at the most you might keep up with. I’ve told them that family is the only thing that will always be there in what ever capacity they can be in their lives. Family is all we have in most cases. Families always forgive and families will always support. So my sons as I get older in my life I have learned that I should have more hugs to give and more support to show than I did before. I hope you learn from my lesson and start hugging now. It feels pretty good.

Grandaughter's Birthday My Opinion

I was sitting next to my granddaughter’s great grandfather at her birthday party. (This pic is to cute… she’s actually on a pony.)

My Achillies Heel

My Achillies Heel

I believe he’s close to 80 years of age and  he’s having a few health issues.  He turns to me and basically says, “This is all the enjoyment I get,  sitting here watching her on the pony.”  He really can’t do anything else.  To me, this was sad,  it also was telling me, this is your future. We get old, it’s a fact, not much we can do about it.  I’m sure he gets pleasure knowing his family will go on, and that he had a part in creating this. But is it enough?  Not for me, I want more out of life. I’ve got about 30 years left if I’m lucky.  If this isn’t motivation I don’t know what is.  As you get older the years do go by faster, as they say, “Time is wasted on the young.”  Then there’s always “Make hay while the sun shines.”  For those of you wanting to make a difference I salute you and I am in your ranks and this old man needs to turn his life around. Wish me luck on my journey!