My Son The Employee of the Year!

My oldest son EJ just informed me that he was named employee of the year at the company he works at. Now this is the son that I worried about when he was growing up. As I have said before we as parents are always concerned about how your kids will turn out. As a parent you do not want to “let go” you want to be involved in your kids life and at the same time their trying to get away from you. They don’t want you controlling their life. They want to be on their own and they want to live their life not yours. Thats a struggle that all parents go through until your comfortable enough to realize that their ok and they know what their doing. Its a great feeling and I couldn’t be prouder of EJ that he’s got his act together. He’s also got someone in his life who I’ve only met once. Her name is Hillary and I think she has had a good impact on him! I hope I have the oportunity to get to know her better.
Good job my son.

One thought on “My Son The Employee of the Year!

  1. That’s great! And, I have heard only wonderful things about women named Hillary. So, I am not surprised she has a good impact on him!

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