Goodbye 2009!

I can’t say that I’ll miss 2009. It wasn’t the greates of years for me and the family. But it wasn’t the worse either. Despite the economy I still have a job which I’m quite thankful for and I am looking forward to a challenging 2010. Chicago’s convention business looks glum so were going to have to push hard to make up the difference.
I am excited about my new site at it will be great to be informed from all my favorite sites on a daily basis. So my New Years Resolutions 1. To get down to 220 pounds. 2. Be more patient (I always want things to happen fast). 3. To get my domains up and running. 4. Continue to be a creative genius that I think I am! And last but not least 5. Make something Life Changing happen this year!

Those are pretty good goals I think. So all my friends help me keep on track and I also wish you all a great new year too.