Goodbye 2009!

I can’t say that I’ll miss 2009. It wasn’t the greates of years for me and the family. But it wasn’t the worse either. Despite the economy I still have a job which I’m quite thankful for and I am looking forward to a challenging 2010. Chicago’s convention business looks glum so were going to have to push hard to make up the difference.
I am excited about my new site at it will be great to be informed from all my favorite sites on a daily basis. So my New Years Resolutions 1. To get down to 220 pounds. 2. Be more patient (I always want things to happen fast). 3. To get my domains up and running. 4. Continue to be a creative genius that I think I am! And last but not least 5. Make something Life Changing happen this year!

Those are pretty good goals I think. So all my friends help me keep on track and I also wish you all a great new year too.

My Life

I decided to review all the jobs that I have had in my life. So far, in my life I have been the following…
Retail hardware clerk
Short Order Cook
Driveway Sealer
Retail Department Manager
Bus Boy


Hotel Driver
Banquet Manager
Car Salesman

Asbestos Removal
Insurance Salesman
Plumber                                                                                                                                                                                                             Mortgage Salesman
College Professor

Ad Salesman

Business Journal Publisher
Director of Sales
Sales Manager
General Manager
Director of Marketing

That’s a lot of jobs in one mans life, even for my life.  As they say, I have just enough knowledge to make me dangerous in any of these positions.  I’ve developed many skills in my life because of these jobs.  In growing up I never expected this in my life.  When I was a senior in high school I went down to the Armed Forces Recruiting Center for a “Seniors Day” I took all their tests and I was hoping that they would tell me what I would be good at then I would go into that field!  They called me up and said out of 200 guys that were there, I was in the top ten and I could do what ever I wanted in the Army!  Not the answer I wanted for my life.  I did not enlist. Maybe I should have, it probably would have given me more discipline.  Some of us kidd around and say were still trying to figure what we want to do with our life! “Life is what happens when your busy making other plans”  My life has lead me down this path and as I wonder what my purpose in life is, it really gets down to be pretty simple.  I won’t be remembered for all those jobs.  I may only be remembered for carrying on our family name.  For alot of us that’s all we will be. I’m ok with just that, so I’m pretty much done with my main responsibilities.  Time for “Earl time,” yeah right that’s going to happen, I heard the wife calling again!

Grandaughter's Birthday My Opinion

I was sitting next to my granddaughter’s great grandfather at her birthday party. (This pic is to cute… she’s actually on a pony.)

My Achillies Heel

My Achillies Heel

I believe he’s close to 80 years of age and  he’s having a few health issues.  He turns to me and basically says, “This is all the enjoyment I get,  sitting here watching her on the pony.”  He really can’t do anything else.  To me, this was sad,  it also was telling me, this is your future. We get old, it’s a fact, not much we can do about it.  I’m sure he gets pleasure knowing his family will go on, and that he had a part in creating this. But is it enough?  Not for me, I want more out of life. I’ve got about 30 years left if I’m lucky.  If this isn’t motivation I don’t know what is.  As you get older the years do go by faster, as they say, “Time is wasted on the young.”  Then there’s always “Make hay while the sun shines.”  For those of you wanting to make a difference I salute you and I am in your ranks and this old man needs to turn his life around. Wish me luck on my journey!