Your One Family Member!

When you ask people about thier family you watch thier face. Look for thier reaction. In many cases, you will see the roll of the eyes with the suggested thought like “don’t get me started on my family.” Hell, I’m sure I’m on that list to be shipped off by my kids. Fortunatly or unfortunalty we all have them. Sometimes thier great, sometimes you want to escape from them or ship them off to another planet right? All except for one family member! I’m willing to bet on this one…that, this one family member, no ones embarresed by. No one wants to ship them off to Sibera. This family member will  be unjudgemental, forever forgiving, and have steadfast love and respect for you and your opinions no matter what!

Now imagine having to look this person in the eye and give the order to to end thier life! To end the life of maybe the only person on this earth to never judge you, to never force thier opinion on you, to love you un-conditionilly.

To us, Vegas had a personality so therefore I do call her a person rather than a dog. Yes, I did have to end her life! I didn’t want to, I wanted to save her, I wanted to protect her, I wanted to run away with her as fast as I could. I didn’t though I just froze. I couldn’t explain to her why, I just had to stare at her eyes and watch her slip out of our lives forever. I will always regret it, I will never forgive myself for not doing a better job taking care of her, wether I could have or not.

Vegas and I

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