I Didn’t Know I Was So Athletic!

BALTIMORE (June 2, 2010) — One of the best post-exercise recovery drinks could already be in your refrigerator, according to new research presented at the American College of Sports Medicine conference this week. In a series of four studies, researchers found that chocolate milk offered a recovery advantage to help repair and rebuild muscles, compared to specially designed carbohydrate sports drinks.

Experts agree that the two-hour window after exercise is an important, yet often neglected, part of a fitness routine. After strenuous exercise, this post-workout recovery period is critical for active people at all fitness levels — to help make the most of a workout and stay in top shape for the next workout.

The new research suggests that drinking fat free chocolate milk after exercise can help the body retain, replenish and rebuild muscle to help your body recover. Drinking lowfat chocolate milk after a strenuous workout could even help prep muscles to perform better in a subsequent bout of exercise.

So thats what that large mass is protruding on the front of my body… Muscle from all the Chocolate Milk I’ve been drinking all these years! Those Double Stuff Oreos were probably helpful also in building that muscle mass! If I only knew I was so athletic, I would have competed more when I was younger! Oh I can feel the burn.. I better get more Hershey’s!

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