I See Dead People

This is weird but, I swear I see dead people every day. At least that’s one theory. You see I occasionally find myself staring at the ceiling. Or sometimes I’m staring at the tile floor or even the wall in my office. Suddenly a face appears in the tile from the swirls and lines on the surface. Or the texture on the wall is a sprayed on texture then it was troweled down with the edge and a smooth irregular surface appears.

It’s kind of spooky, hence I think that they are the souls of dead people reaching out to me. I can’t hear them I just see them. They can appear as a man or woman, even rarely as an animal also.

I better say it now, I am not on any medication (though maybe I should be). It’s kind of like when Mary or Jesus appears on the side of someones building or tree stump. Sometimes the faces even morph into different looks depending on the angle you look at them. Have you ever seen different shapes and animals in the clouds in the sky?

Whats really bad is when I’m in the bathroom walking around naked and then I see a woman looking up at me from the floor. I mean come on, no one needs to see me and my private parts that bad. Maybe there just random patterns. Maybe they are the poor souls trapped in purgatory begging for my prayers to help them. Great Grandma said past relatives were visiting her and trying to sit on her bed when we asked why she was swinging at the open air with the large wooden spoon. She wanted to get rid of them.

Maybe they can make a movie about me like the “Sixth Sense,” “I See Dead People” I just will need Bruce Willis to help me right? I think a better idea would be some attractive actress to help me make sense of it. Yeah that’s the ticket! Or just begin the labotamy now doctor.


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