It’s Her Turn To Use The Brain

After 32 years of marriage you can easily notice a few things about us. When you get married they say the “two shall become one”. It’s true, but it takes years to get there. I’m convinced that we now share one brain. I’m not sure where the other brain went, I keep looking for it behind one of the bookshelves or under the pile of dog toys that have accumulated, but no success.

Usually, we discover that we seem to take turns using the brain. One of us maybe in a brain fog with their thinking process and the other person is spot on. After many years there is a comfort level with each other. Since we share that same brain we tend to think alike. In fact, sometimes we don’t even have to say anything aloud. It’s like the “Vulcan Mind Meld.” We just look at each other and we know. Maybe we were abducted by aliens and they probed us or something like that so we can communicate telepathically.

I’m lucky in that she seems to let me use the brain more often. But then she calls me quite often with many questions throughout the day and I have to use the brain to help her.  I really think that when I walk through the door at night it automatically wants to jump out of my skull and go to her. So I’m left with being in the “fog.” That’s why she probably yells at me for forgetting so many things, like take the garbage out, or why don’t you remember to “close the door” or “lock it”! It goes on and on like that.

But then there are the differences between us. She will put everyone she knows before herself. She may be in pain or sick, but she will go out of her way to make sure they, or I, or the kids have what they need before she would even consider taking care of herself. If she needed to go the doctor but funds were tight she wouldn’t go. She would lend whatever we had to one of the kids for their needs first. I’m not quite as giving as she is. Of course I’d help if someone really needed it, but I wouldn’t notice them like she would. My stomach steers me quite a bit. If there is food, I’m going for it and I’m going to beat everyone to the punch.

She really is my guiding light. She shows me the way. She shows me how a good person would take care of their fellow man. When she gets to the pearly gates she’s going right in. When I arrive I’ll be off to the side yelling through the bars, “Hey Marisia can you get me in?” Most of our time over these 32 years I have watched her open her heart and give to so many people. She  showed me what love is. She showed me that it was more than us. On this valentines day I can say that I already gave her my heart a long time ago. I already share my brain, and I’m worried if I give it to her more often, what would happen. So I had to figure out what she needed more. Luckily, it’s been my time to use the brain so I could figure this one out. So I promise to give her more of my time, she needs it more than I do. Its what people do for each other when they are in love. Happy Valentines Day Honey!


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