It’s My Son’s Birthday

Thirty-eight years ago today my eldest son came into this world. Being the proud and humbled father on that day I whispered a promise into my son’s ear as I have to my other two children as well. I have kept that promise to all my children. As parents, we go through a lot with our children as their live’s develop. The “terrible two’s,”  The “stupid teenage years” or if your really lucky the “rebellious teenage years” are just a few of the “Times of Our Lives” that all parents must get through.

His mother and I got divorced when my son was just under two. The separation from my son gave me a heavy load of guilt that I have carried with me every day for my whole life. I’m sure it’s something I share with many fathers who have gone through the same thing.  But despite all the mistakes I probably made, this one turned out pretty damn good. I am proud of what he has become as a man though I’m still waiting for the grandson (I have to throw the guilt back whenever I can).

The hardest part for any parent is letting go. You question if you taught them everything they will need to succeed. Or if you weren’t around to teach them, did they learn the right lessons? I got lucky, he had a good mother, a great-grandfather and somehow I had a part. Not sure when I was able to pass on some wisdom but we as parents have to trust that our decisions are right and know that just by leading our lives they learn by watching us. Heaven help, those kids who don’t have a parent to watch over them and give them a good example.

So on this day of your birth my son, I tell the whole world how proud I am of you.That my promise that I made to you, oh so long ago is one of the few promises that I have kept in my life will not be broken. Because of that promise, you are on my mind every day as I mention you in my prayers. May you continue to grow and prosper and may your dreams be fulfilled despite my bumblings as a young father to you.

Happy Birthday, Number 1.

Love Dad

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