MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory Should Replace Doctors

In three months I’ll be turning sixty five. Physically, I feel like I’m turning sixty five but mentally I’m still in my twenty’s and thinking dumb thoughts, doing stupid things, and trying not to show it. Being older and wiser though I can’t help but notice people doing stupid things. I use to get angry and wanted to tell them what idiots they are and how they should get their act together. Now I sit back and laugh more often at the comedy of what they have done. It also reminds me of myself and the things I did when I was younger. Except when their stupidity impacts you and your health.

Over the last two years I have written a few times about the medical community and the fact that they are still practicing on us. The fact that I can have more knowledge about the impact of their decisions and have the audacity to challenge many of them, has probably made me a pariah in their eyes.

Unfortunately, their actions haven’t been funny to me. I have proposed before that they should require all people wanting to enter the medical field, to have to go through the procedures that we have gone through. They should have to endure mistakes being made about their care. They should make little mistakes, like give them allergic reactions that won’t kill them. Just to make them see how easy it is to make mistakes because of their actions without serious and through analysis of each of their decisions before taking action on a patient.

How often have we discovered a doctor really wasn’t listening to you. Maybe they were thinking about their upcoming vacation or maybe their bonus from the insurance company if they don’t order certain tests. Or maybe it was something more emotional bothering them to distract them or maybe they were to arrogant to listen to someone questing their decisions and suggesting something they read on the internet.

MIT has found that a computer can make more effective decisions regarding patient care. A computer can not be affected by the emotional distractions that can impact a doctor. A computer can read all the information published on a particular subject in the world and take that all into consideration with all the data/history of a patient and make a better diagnosis and treatment plan than any human being. Hell, we can take those arrogant overpaid doctors and make them nurses aids where they actually might learn something. Yes I know there are exceptions to the rule regarding doctors, but those great doctors are far and few between. I hope MIT will bring those computers online soon. I think most people would agree on this opinion of mine.

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