My Life as a TV Addict

In my life I hate to admit it . . . but, I know I’m not alone, I am a TV addict. Yes, I watch the “boob tube” as our parents referred to it. Who can help it, there is  so much on it! I must also admit, I am a late bloomer in that I didn’t get “cable” until 2007. It was like my life hit the jackpot! I try to control it by going to my other “boob tube” the internet and I tell myself I’m learning something as I watch some dumb video on “Youtube.” I am insatisable when it comes to the screen. I even have to force myself to go to bed. I hate the imprint the keys make on my face when I wake up, they take a while to go away you know. I use to love watching the “Apprentice” with Donald Trump. Having worked for the man, I had  somewhat of an understanding of how he works. It was fun watching the board room, those idiots didn’t know when to keep their mouth shut. Some of them just didn’t understand that sometimes you have to step aside and get out of the way. We all have to be strong enough to defend ourselves.  Then there is that new “Top Chef Masters” show, where famous chefs have been competing against each other. The last episode really showed something important.   There is an old saying (yes I know I’m full of them) “you are only as good as the team under you” Chef Keller was brilliant at it and that is why he won. He knew he had good talent in his team and he used it to his advantage. He trusted his team and they worked their ass off for him. Chef Michael (the Italian American Chef) wouldn’t let any of his talented team do anything unless they did it his way. He wouldn’t ask them for help or ideas. His team ended up not supporting him and he lost. Now I know many chefs have big egos, but in order to get ahead in this world you are going to need some help. Many managers are afraid to hire good people, afraid they will take their job. Hell, they should take your job and you should move on and up. You can’t win the card game without a full deck. How will you play your hand. In my life I’ve been pretty trusting but I’ve also been burned. I think I will keep on trusting as they say (yes I know here I go again) “You’ve Got To Have Faith.”