Smoothie On My Baby Boomers

There was a study done a while ago about how long you needed to do something before it became a habit. I believe it was at least 18 days before it would sink in our brains. Some of my great habits have been mentioned here before. Habits such as Coca-Cola and more Coca-Cola and the urge to have sweet rolls or doughnuts. Oh, the habit of relaxing didn’t take me long to learn either. I do that one exceedingly well. Here’s one that my father chided me for that I remember. Watching the “Boob Tube” or for you younger ones that’s watching TV. Is watching “You Tube” the same? Probably worse. As you can see, most of my habits are pretty lame. I mean, I don’t drink or go “Hot Rodding” with my car or a motorcycle. I don’t go skydiving or spelunking.  Yeah, I’m pretty boring I would guess.

Now some of you may have learned something new in my life recently if you follow me on facebook. After watching a number of people close to me struggle with health issues I decided it was time to do something for myself. The occasional visit to the Emergency Room for what I thought was a heart attack also has brought my health to be at the forefront of my mind. The thought of me relying on other people to take care of me as my health deteriorates was not a pleasant idea to me hence the inclusion of Green Smoothies into my life. It’s been about 31 days now and I believe it has become a habit. I generally drink 32-40 ounces each morning. A friend turned me onto Dr. Brooke Goldner who cured her self of Lupus by her diet which seemed to made of primarily Green Smoothies. You can find her here

For a person such as myself who is a solid “meat and potatoes” guy I am amazed that I have gone to the other side shall we say. I never eat vegetables. I didn’t have my first salad until I was about 25 and it was a spinach salad with hot bacon dressing! How could I not love it? For the last 20 years, I have been about 150 lbs. overweight. My recent torn meniscus in my right knee really put me out of commission and showed me how bad things were and that it could only get worse if I didn’t make a change. So every day I mix 1 lbs of kale and baby spinach, a 1/4 cup of flaxseed, a half lbs of frozen fruit and a banana, a teaspoon of cinnamon and 22 oz of almond milk make me a damn good tasting smoothie that I can handle. Doctor Goldner would recommend I drink more of this than the 32 oz that I drink each day, to begin with, but even with this smaller amount I have lost a bunch of weight, I may be off my blood pressure medicine very soon as I can’t get much lower than I’m at now. All my edema in my legs have disappeared and my shapely legs are back. Dare I also say my skin is also changing. My (what I call) old man bumps on my face are getting smaller and my eczema on my elbows that was a dark scaley purple is almost gone completely. God forbid it but it seems like exercise may be creeping back into my life as I’m slowly being able to do more.

How many of you can say they haven’t seen their belt buckle or for that matter their belly button in over 30 years? Well, I just found out that mine is still there! Hell, if Dr. Goldner can cure herself of Lupus and other autoimmune diseases for her clients with this protocol I can certainly improve my life and those around me if they are interested.

Smoothie on my friends, Smoothie on.



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