My Opinion about Chicago's McCormick Place

Ok I’m fed up now! There once was a time and a place for unions but McCormick Place just isn’t it. The unions have forced major conventions to leave town and will end up hurting an industry that is already down due to the economy. First it was the Hardware Show, then the Consumer Electronics Show, now the Plastics Show and their 90,000 people every other year for a week! Now even Oprah is leaving Chicago! This is going to cost a lot of jobs in Chicago and the government, I don’t think is going to bail us out! I’m referring to the Hospitality industry of which I’ve been a part of for over 30 some odd years! This is going to go bad, as too many people have been making too much money from McCormick Place for years. You think they are going to let go? The politicians that get alot of support (in more ways than just a vote) from the unions aren’t going to change either. No were probably going to have to hit rock bottom. You know what that means… we will lose more conventions more hotels will go belly up. You might even see boarded up buildings (former hotels) anytime now. Its time to wake up Mayor Daley and a few people need to slapped up side of their head and hard.