It was a good day!

After three years I finally have my sites up! Thanks Nicky! Everyone please take a look at my sites… or or pick one of about 50 other cities. Lets see if they make any money now. Ok, part two… I’ve lost a few pounds and people are beginning to notice which is a good thing. What’s really interesting is I’ve pretty much only did one thing to lose the weight. I’ve stopped drinking Coke. My “habit” had gone as far as 8-10 cokes a day at its peak. It’s been 4 weeks and I’ve definitely noticed a difference. I’ve gone down about 4 notches on my belt. I’m walking faster and generally feel better. I had about a weeks worth of headaches in the beginning. The withdrawal took a bit of effort. I still crave it but I made a commitment in the beginning of the year to make this a special year and I hope I’m on the right track. After 30 years of drinking large amounts of soda I’ve got to think it does quite a bit of damage to the body. But I’ve always known I’m a sweet guy!