My Granddaughter

As we live our lives, begin our careers, raise a family and deal with what life hands us, I don’t think we appreciate children as much as we do when we get older. In the midst of our life as we are “growing  up,” our lives are hectic,  full of activities running from here to there.  We are busy trying to raise our kids, take them to school, take them to soccer practice, to friends’  houses, parties, the mall,  whatever.  It’s hard to get a moment to sit back and be in amazement about your own kids and what you created,  because of the lives that we lead. So, along comes my first grandchild and I absolutely melt. Now, I love my son and I’m proud of him, but she comes first in my life. I guess it’s survival of the species.

I look at her and I just about die, she is so cute.  I love to watch her and see how she reacts to everything, and to me of course as I tend to make myself into a total fool in front of her.  I’ll do anything to hear her laugh.  I get to see her every few weeks.  Sometimes it’s only for five minutes and that’s fine, I get my “fix,” I know she’s ok and everything is right with the world.

Now, some of you may be two steps ahead of me and you are thinking , just wait they grow up and you know what they become… “Teenagers from hell.”

Yes I know, but who knows if I’ll live that long and even if I do this is the punishment my son and all our sons and daughters get for being “teenagers from hell” for us. That’s right, now he has to deal with it and I think its then that they actually begin to appreciate their parents and what we went through with them and they wonder how we did it!

Either way I’m going to try and stay focused and not think too far ahead and just enjoy her and love her and tease her and tickle her till my heart explodes.

As we approach her second birthday I want to thank you Chris and Carly for giving me the greatest present anyone has ever given me.