President Obama and "Fly Gate"

Fly (fli) a dipterous, or two-winged, insect that is often the vector of organisms causing disease.

I don’t know about you, but where does PETA who is now complaining about the fly incident get off by considering a fly an animal? This incident shall now be so named by me “Fly Gate”

In case you weren’t aware our President Obama is quite skilled in killing flies. One was bothering him during a recent taping of an interview for one of the networks. President Obama has quite the reflexes. Its not easy to kill or catch one of those buggers without a fly swatter.

But I’m impressed, and I will support him in his efforts to eliminate this pest (see description above).

Now the Buddhists believe that this fly could be a re- incarnated person. I’m sorry but if I come back as a fly someone please take me to the president so I can be killed right away and try and get reincarnation right and come back as something better! How about Donald Trump’s son? Or some rich sheiks son or Bill Gates grandson you get the idea where I’m going with this.

As far as I’m concerned keep practicing President Obama and maybe this can become a national sport or competition? Keep up the good work!