TruGreen and Customer Service

I’ve had TruGreen service for two years now. When they first came out I decided to try them out but only had one condition. They had to call me before they ever came to provide a service. I wrote it on the contract. So without fail for the two years we have had them they have kept their word and called. The main reason behind this was at times money can be tight and I would tell them not this month and they were fine with it. If I hadn’t done this they would be out every three or four weeks doing a service that “I needed.” Everyone I’ve ever knew that had a lawn to take care of fertilized their lawn at the most three times a year. TruGreen can and will do you as often as they can. I wasn’t happy with their service last year. They spilled some fertilizer on a small area on the front yard by the street and killed it and it was never fixed. They came out and threw down some seed but with what they spilled, nothing will grow there for a few years I think! Their service technician promised last year that if we used him again we would see all the open areas fill in and there wouldn’t be any bare patches at all. Looking out my window right now it looks like my lawn had been mined or maybe I had a goat that just ate patches of my lawn. I had decided I wasn’t going to use them this year. I was going to do it myself and I needed the exercise anyway.

So while at work two weeks ago, Grandma calls and said the TruGreen came and did a service on the lawn. She said that she didn’t expect it as in the past they always knock on the door to announce that they are there and didn’t this time. They are supposed to warn us because of our dogs. I guess its not good for them, as they warn us to keep our pets off of the yard. I called and spoke with Sonja from True Green and informed her that I didn’t request the service. She said “didn’t you get our post card”? I said no I usually get sales flyers the day after the sales end with our great postal service. But thats ok as I don’t need a postal worker going postal on me. Haven’t heard of a TruGreen worker going “TruGreen” on anyone yet?
She apologized and said she would inform her manager that I didn’t request the service and to discontinue any additional services. But what do you think happened two weeks later? Of course, I get a bill. So I call again and this time I speak with Gloria. I’m a pretty friendly guy but I could tell she didn’t like me. She immediately offered to cut the bill in half. But I have a problem here. Why should I be forced to pay for something I didn’t want and didn’t request! She didn’t like that and basically told me that they would forward it to a collections agency to get after me. Wasn’t that nice of her. As I said I’m a pretty easy going guy and I’m sure there were other possible solutions. I would have been willing to work out with them but now I’m mad and I’m not going to take it! So begins my internet tirade against the evil empire of TruGreen! I WARN YOU HERE AND NOW DO NOT BUY THEIR SERVICES. TRUGREEN WILL TRY AND TAKE ADVANTAGE OF YOU! Thank you very much to all my readers and I look forward to your comments.