One Step Is That All It Takes?

It’s getting to the point that I don’t even want to look at my Facebook page or watch the news. To me it’s getting worse than ever before. We have become so “connected” around the world that we hear almost everything. Everyday I look at Facebook and there is another story about a cancer victim, or how this child got hurt, or this family is losing their house. It never stops. I don’t want to be sitting here at work or at home and be crying all day! Some of these stories just rip your heart out.

I can’t put myself in a bubble and close out the world. I could, but I know that wouldn’t do me any good. It’s so lopsided the bad vs. the good in the news. ¬†What can I do? I’m only one man. I know that one person can make a difference. I’ve seen people make a difference in certain situations. I’ve seen people band together to try and right a wrong. Do I do my part and speak up about the atrocities and further perpetuate this bombardment of bad news?

As they say, “one step at a time.” So I act on one thing, then I act on another. But acting on one thing could take me in one direction. What I’m afraid of is getting trapped on one thing and not being able to come back to all the other issues that need help. So once again I get frozen in, “what is the right decision?” Maybe it’s not making a decision at all, I should just act on it and not question anything. Just accept where the road takes me without question.

Ok folks, I’m going to be stuck here for a while as I will keep going around and around in a loop in my mind. I’ll get back to you when I decide.



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