Where is Superman?

I just watched a History Channel show called “DeCoded.” Today’s show was about Fort Knox and the speculation as to wether or not there is any gold in the vault! It also discussed the ramifications of such an event and the impact it would have on our world. Apparently no one has seen the gold since 1974 when the last audit was done.

I’ve been saying for a few years now that I thought our economic world was artificially inflated and that interest rates were to high, houses were valued to high, it just never felt right. During my lifetime the baby boomer years everything just kept going up and up.

If there was no gold in the vaults it would mean that the dollar was worth nothing but the paper its printed on. The gold was taken from the American Public by the government. The Government made it against the law to own gold and made everyone turn it over and the government melted it all down and stored the gold in Fort Knox. Our Gold was the guarantee of the countries economic strength, or at least a belief that it was strong. If our financial world collapsed I believe we would end up like pioneer days. We would have to grow our own food, raise our own livestock or hunt for it if we wanted to keep on living. We would need guns to protect what is ours. As there would surely be riots and people trying to survive.

After the collapse during the Depression everyone had to take care of themselves. There were no jobs only long lines for food and shelter. God I hope I’m wrong but, we’ve never been closer to this possible outcome. Now we really do need a “Savior” to steer us in the right direction. To be honest with you I haven’t seen one of these politicians wanting to be president or even the current one isn’t capable of being that, “Savior.” A Savior is someone that can bring the masses together. Someone that understands the direction we need to go in. Someone you can trust and believe in. Where is Superman when you need him!

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