Hostess Ho Ho is a No No

I’ve admitted it before.. “Hi I’m Earl and I’m a junk food addict” In particular my product of choice is usually a Hostess Brand product! I probably need an intervention soon. I’ve written about my addiction with Hostess before. I’ve complained about their comeback and how they made the product smaller again. Also how they just didn’t get the same recipe as they were using before. A connoisseur such as my self can tell the subtle differences to the palate with their new recipe. 

I swore that I wouldn’t go back to the Ho Ho’s but, my addiction was too strong. I swear the FDA should look into what they are putting into them. I have no control.

I usually get my fix in the morning on my way to work in the car. Now having your morning fix in the car is a juggling act. Your always in danger of having a spill and you don’t want it to happen on your clean shirt! So the other morning I went and got my Ho Ho and this is what I saw when I opened it…

Hostess Ho HoA dried out Ho Ho is the worst. Chocolate everywhere! Being an addict you want to be able to hide your addiction but with this it gets everywhere in your car seats, on your pants under your pants leg. It also gets in your shirt pocket and later when your handing out a business card a piece of chocolate goes with it to expose your true self. Oh the embarrassment!

Being an addict you want to make sure your supplier is a reputable source. I don’t go to those discount stores where they are selling it on the last day of expiration or even past it. I pay full price at my local “BP” gas station. This Ho Ho was dry as hell and crumbs did go everywhere. I’ve been licking chocolate crumbs for days. Being an addict your not proud you suck it up and don’t complain you just eat it. God forgive me but now I’m thinking I should go to Little Debbies. I’ll pay have the price but at least their product seems consistent. Oh I feel so dirty!

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