My Christmas Wishes

I have a few Christmas wishes to share. These wishes seem to come more from the heart which these days I seem to wear on my sleeve for all to see.

To Marisia may we continue to have the appreciation of humor in our lives which seems to carry us through the stress that we handle everyday.  I’ll be home soon with a bow on my head. “The present that keeps on giving”

To my wordsmith and friend Eugene, I wish that I had half your talent and may you have the courage to be not so humble and shout from the rooftops that here I am come and read me! Also for you to know your not alone my friend even on Christmas.

To Christopher, may you continue to have the courage to do what you like but, never underestimate your ability to adapt and use your skills elsewhere when needed. Nicki, I don’t say this very often but you were right about our last discussion/argument. You have the ability to teach me a few things and for that I give you my respect but don’t let it go to your head as I’m still very hard headed.

To EJ, I hope you find true love in your life and may you always know that I love you.

To Charlotte, I have always been an impatient man and for you that has been difficult and I’m sorry for that. Despite that you have given us unyielding support and I am most appreciative and for you I pray that your pain dissipates and that we have your company for years to come.

To my mother despite our distance, our at least weekly chats mean more to me than you know. Being connected to family is important and you have never been far away in my mind. I am thankful you got to work in my industry so you have a understanding of what I do and I will continue to send you my love and prayers.

To my sisters I send you my love and my wish for you is that you want a brother.  The phone has always worked both ways and I also wish that you call me just to say hello, I do not ask or expect anything more.

To the 300 plus people that rely on me to keep our hotels filled and their jobs consistent I wish for you that we have the most fruitful year in 2015 and that you and your families are healthy, happy and may much love come your way.

To my “fathers,” Dad when its time may we have more time together, Orson, I hope you have the Fritos and Root Beer ready and to Walter, I hope we can ride together again I miss that.

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