Robin Williams a savior for those that are depressed!

Robin Williams brought me to tears countless times. He may not have been one of the greatest actors but his talent of making us laugh may make him more memorable than many actors of our generation. Robin Williams dark side was hidden from us and now it has come out to the public’s eye.

We hear it all the time that someone is depressed. But most of us just brush the idea of it aside. We say snap out of it. We think to ourselves it’s nothing and we go on with our lives and really do not understand what is wrong and really think they are crazy.

This year I came to realize that two friends of mine are dealing with depression. They both let the door open a crack for me to be able to peak in. I can say that I have a very small understanding of what they go through. I do have a better understanding of how some things I say can set them off and not want to talk and regress back into their own world. One friend has been seeing a therapist and I think it has helped. The other friend seems to be dealing with it on their own, which isn’t good.

Robin Williams will be remembered for his humor and how we all laughed with him. But, I hope he will be also remembered for bringing light onto the subject of depression. Maybe more can be done to help those people suffering and educate those of us who don’t have a clue. Maybe Robin Williams’ death will actually produce actions that heal the hurt like his humor healed our hearts.




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