My Life My Opinion about Finding Mr Right

An acquaintance of mine (not sure if were friends yet as we’ve only met about 3-4 times) has her own blog. She has a great sense of humor and she really makes me laugh. I love her writing style. She’s a lot younger and she’s not married and much of her blogging is about finding “Mr Right” and the experiences she has gone through in that search. As a father I wish more than anything that I could help her in some way. I know she’s alone and being the young vibrant person she is, she wants a partner. We all want to be wanted by someone. We all want to have someone to share our thoughts and feelings with. We all want someone to make us laugh. She’s gone on many dates, done the bar scene, I’m sure her friends have tried to “Hook” her up on many occasions. Nothings clicked yet for her and she’s changing her writing to reflect a more upbeat positive self. I really hate to see her make this change.

What I enjoy about her is that witty sarcastic view of hers. She makes you laugh by bringing out the obvious. I’m sure their is someone out there that will also appreciate that side of her.
I’m not sure anyone has told her but, stop trying to find him. I think he has to find you! Live your life and let your life come to you. Stop trying to make it (force it) into happening. The right person is out there and sometimes it takes a little longer. I was with the wrong person in the beginning. Don’t make that same mistake, don’t settle because someone is there and “may” fit the bill. Don’t change to fit other’s idea of what you should be! Be Yourself! Don’t forget sometimes a prince is a frog first and its the princess that turns him into a prince!

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  1. She sounds lovely. Too bad I can’t relate to her at all. She’s nothing like me…oh, wait a minute. She IS me.
    You are AWESOME!!! Who knew I would find such a supporter when I started helping Sara and George and took little lunch trips to the Ramada?! Thank you!!!!!

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