Old Friends and Fishing

An old friend has gotten in touch with me after not having seen him for 37 years. Chuck and I were good friends and he brought up a lot of memories that I had forgotten! But how appropiate was his timing in that I had been doing alot of reflection on my childhood days.

I guess at our age were all probably doing alot of reflection and wondering what we have accomplished in our lives or what will we do with the years left before retirement. I wish I had thought more of my childhood when I had been raising my three sons. But, were so busy in our lives raising them and with the day to day activities we don’t have that much time to think.

But in reality I think many thoughts and ideas were instilled in me that I had to trust that we did a good job raising them. I guess it was instinct. So far, as I have written before, my boys have done pretty well. Yes of course I could have always done some things different. But so far they have turned out pretty good!

But back to my childhood friend… Chuck was a good friend and we went fishing alot. In fact as often as we could we would go to the County Forest Preserve Lake. Though I don’t ever remember catching anything big! Or for that matter catching very much except for misquito bites. I still like to fish even though I haven’t done it in years. Funny thing though, I never liked to eat fish. I’m a catch and release kind of a guy. I’m also more into being clean, not getting up so early, enjoying the services of a good hotel. So I’m not sure I want to go fishing anymore? Definitly not into camping at all! Ever since I went on a campout in Boy Scouts and in the middle of the night I “sleep rolled” out of my tent and woke up on the edge of a small cliff! Just not my idea of fun anymore.

So Chuck when you come home in December to see the folks I don’t think fishing will be a good idea. But hell, I am open to a good softball game on our street corner if you can get a game going?