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My friend Hillary has inspired me with her blog

A hot summer event with a crowd is just not my cup of tea either. In fact anywhere people gather you probably won’t find me. Lately I’ve noticed that crowds do bring out the worst in people. The hot sun doesn’t help either. This has been one of the best summers of my life because its been so cool. Someone must have turned off the global warming switch! They might want to check it.

I’m not a drinker either. So get a bunch of guys together with all the beer they can drink is an accident waiting to happen. I think people in general have lost their social skills. Kids growing up today are so into their “video games” they grew up in their little world on their computers so they didn’t socialize much, hence the lack of social skills. We as adults, to some degree, let this happen as our careers became more important than our families. Our tv’s, computers, playstation, and other games became our babysitters.

Could you or your family go without being “connected” for a day? How about being dis-connected for two days or even a week? When we grew up we were told “go out and play.” That meant we left the house and had to figure a way to entertain ourselves. That also meant we had to learn how to interact with other kids and people.

Maybe its happening to adults too. I’ve grown attached to my computer and I’m on it most of the day and a good part of the night. I don’t want to be around people as much so maybe I am becoming anti social. Its easier to become a hermit or a Ted Kaczynski. Maybe we do need tighter controls on society. If a kid thinks its ok to sit facing a computer all day shooting people then how easy is it to corelate that in your mind to real life after days of mindless killing onscreen.

Ok I’ve gone to the extreme here but we have to ask what kind of society is developing here? In Japan I hear its common place for women to be groped on commuter trains and no one does anything. What is our world shaping into? Maybe we don’t have to worry about it, since the Myan’s say things are ending in 2012 anyway.

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  1. Ha ha! I am glad my post about all the reasons why I despise outdoor fests inspired you. Thanks for the shout out! My blog address has changed, but maybe if you hit the old one it still redirects you? It’s

    I have enjoyed reading all your blogs!!!

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