Reality TV Shows

Reality TV shows I’ve got to believe have peaked. Or maybe I’m just hoping they have. Take the new ABC show Splash as an example. Though I do like Louie Anderson as a comedian I don’t think anyone really wants to see him dive into a pool and of course make a big splash! What else is he going to do? Then they must think we are idiots in that lets see who’s going to win the compitation Chewy the short midget, Louie the heavy weight, the freaklishly tall Kareem the former basketball great or one of the youthful young athletes that are competing? How about the reality shows where a bunch of young people are put together in a house  to fight, to fall in love or lust, to go crazy and then be awarded a whole bunch of money because they were the last one standing because they lied and cheated and stabbed everyone in the back to get there? What are we teaching our children? What responsibility do these entertainment companies have to us? None of course, they are corporations looking to make a buck.

Its funny the recent new series developed by Roma Downing and her husband Marc Burnett (who happens to produce some of those trash shows) about the bible is apparently knocking the socks off the ratings! Not that I’m a bible toting Christian but good for them. A good example of making a positive show that tells a story and apparently is making alot of money. Lets hope they do more than just that.

Would it be so wrong to show motivational shows? Even the show “Shark Tank” which features everyday people trying to get thier dreams off the ground is something worth watching. Especially when they recap what happened down the road after they got the help from the investor. Making peoples dreams come true, don’t we all want a part of that? Even the show “The Amazing Race” you know darn well the older couples are going by the wayside within the first few weeks. They don’t even have a chance. Why not do the “Amazing Race” with all older people, we will still see and experience the different culture of the different countries that they visit, we will still see the “Travelocity Roaming Nome” commercial, it will just be a little more even between the teams, a little more honest I would hope. I don’t think in my time left on this earth that Reality TV Shows are going anywhere soon.

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