Social Security Cuts

Social Security Cuts

The mention of possible Social Security Cuts to help the budget crisis in Washington DC is not the right answer. If anyone knows me they know that if someones trying to take something from me I’m going to have to fight for it. No, let me state that differently. I don’t mind giving to someone who needs it but our politicians are so far removed from real life that they cannot make effective decisions on our behalf. They are asking us to help them out of a mess that they created. Like subsidies for the oil companies! Are you kidding me! Four billion was the total in subsidies last year for the oil companies that had profits in the billions also!

The average salary of a basic congressman or senator is about $174,000.00

Can you believe it? I know a few million people that would easily do that job for less than half of what they are paid. Plus they get a ton of benifits. The average congressman or senator after serving five years is fully vested in the retirement plan. On average they get about $60,000.00 a year in retirement and are able to continue recieving their health benifits that you or I the average Joe couldn’t possibly afford.

These are the men and woman deciding what benifits we get. As of yesterday I gues the president is considering cutting social security and medicare and medicade to help with the shortfall they are experiencing. I think the politicians have it wrong. They are put there to serve us the american people not the corporations who are making billions in profits. Why do companies that are that profitable being given hand outs?

I’m sure I’m not the first one to ask this and I’m sure nothing will change. No I know something will change and its not them its us! Its the old “have’s and the have not’s”! Talk about taxation without representation. Maybe we need our own “Tea Party” I wonder what we can throw in Lake Michigan how about the politicians! Social Security cuts should be off the table, how about corporate subsidies, $500.00 toliet seats, $100.00 hammers and $20,000 white house pictures of staff! I’ll bring my camera and blow it up at Office Depot for less than $100.00! Remember the movie “Dave” the guy that looked like the president and was an average Joe like from Iowa. Where is a good “Dave” when you need one?


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