My Life My Opinion on Holidays

I do business with a company in Canada and it gets frustrating. They seem to have more holidays then we do here in the states. We have a good number of holidays here in the states but many employers do not recognize them or they are not recognized nationally. I’ve also heard that in Europe it’s the same as in Canada. In fact, employees supposedly get  a month off during the summer and even more vacation days throughout the year.

I’ve grown up here in the Midwest where we have a strong “work ethic”. I’m catholic and you throw in the “guilt thing” and our employers really make out here in the states compared to other countries. The internet has made our world quite a bit smaller. I correspond daily with people in Asia, Europe, South America etc. I think we need to standardize holidays worldwide. Why should Canadians get “Boxing Day” off when we still have to work! I’d like a good “Boxing Day” off. Don’t I deserve it? Hey, I’d gladly celebrate “Victoria Day” too.

Oh yeah there’s something else…. President Obama’s trying to get student loans either written off or discounted severely now.  Back to Europe and Canada again… If you live there besides all the great holidays you also get pretty much a free education! We’ve got alot of catching up to do here in the states.