I Have Coca Cola Addiction I am an Addict!

Coca Cola Addiction

There I said it. Its supposed to be the first step in overcoming an addiction right? Admitting that you are an addict just like an alcoholic needs to admit they are an alcoholic when they join “AA”.  But having a Coca Cola addiction is a little unusual in that Coke is “America’s” drink! We grew up with it, we were sold on how “American” it is. Were are even sold on it being the drink of the world.After all Coke Cola is in just about every country on this earth. I can’t think of any other soft drink with that kind of notoriety. The commercials; McDonalds and Coke, Olympics and Coke, Polar Bears and Coke, summer and Coke, Drive Inn’s and Coke the list just keeps going and going.

Its been about 30 days without a Cola Cola and I’d just about kill for one right now. You see at my peak when I stopped I was probably a 10 Coke a day man. Now I know what you thinking… how big is this guy? I was up to about 320 lbs. I’m 6ft. tall so I don’t look like those guys on the “Biggest Loser.” In the “hotel industry” many of my hotels had restaurants and I had access to the soft drink fountain gun any time I wanted.

In the last few years their has been an upward trend in getting healthier so we have been hearing more and more about how much sugar is in a can of Coke and how bad a Coca Cola addiction is. That alone is pretty scary but when you combine it with my age, my weight, and some diabetes in my family it finally caught up with me. Then a few weeks ago they added the new twist the carmel coloring maybe a cancer causing agent.

At 57 you start thinking about wanting to live a little longer. You want to do some of the things you had always wanted to when you were younger. Then there is the factor that you may be to out of shape or to sick to do anything. It kind of smacked me in the face. Which I deserved and needed.

I never thought of it as a Coca Cola addiction. I never thought that Coca Cola could kill me. Or shall I say Coca Cola assisting me in increasing the odds that I would be passing sooner that I had expected.  I’ve gone through a withdrawal that still hasn’t ended. There was the headaches ( I think that was the cafene). There were also the shakes ( not a lot). Then there was and still is the longing for just a sip, maybe a small glass the wanting a fix of Coca Cola. I’m assuming that that desire will go on for a long time just like with alcoholics. I compare it to morphine. I had that once for a surgery. Oh my god, was that stuff great, I never felt that way ever and did not want it to stop.

I don’t know the full extent of what it has done to my body over all these years but I went cold turkey and I hope I can make it. I wonder if thier is a Coca Cola addict support group. I think I’ll “Google” it! Wish me luck. Here is a Coca Cola Addiction site I guess I’m not alone. And another one.