A few thoughts on Killer Whale

I don’t know are they that stupid? If its called a “Killer Whale” and you dress like a seal, why would you even get close? They are only nice to you because their held captive by you and are relying on you to feed them. At some point you have to figure the whale is thinking I need more than the fish they give me? I need some seal meat! Oh there’s one now!

I’ve always wanted to try the Luge at the olympics. But 90 miles an hour I’m pretty sure its really not a safe thing. Lets see… sharp blades, solid ice, fast speed, yep that spells danger Will Robinson!

Do you ever feel your getting to the point where its system overload! To much information. I mean literally. I’m on the web all day, I get 100 or more emails every day. I have to do research every day. The tv has an abundance of information at our finger tips by just pushing the button. I am starting to say lets disconnect but you cant! At what point will we overload? When will the smoke start coming out of my ears? I’ve got to be close. Someone tell the voices in my head to be quiet ok!