Our Future Work Force

Still today, I tell people I’m still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up! If you don’t take control of your life it will take control of you. I ventured into the hotel business by accident, in that I needed a job and I had a friend that happened to work at a hotel so I was in. Some 35 years later I’m still here in the same industry. Every day is different and I think that helped, as I get board easily if I’m not challenged. Even though I didn’t choose this industry it really chose me and I guess I kind of hung on for the ride. When I was a young lad I always wanted to be a fireman but it just didn’t come my way. I guess I put out fires in a different way now. My kids seem to be falling into their careers also. Which I hope it means that its something they like also.

All three of my kids seem to have developed a good strong work ethic which I have to tell you makes me proud. The latest bunch of young kids coming into the workplace really expect to have everything handed to them. Many of them can’t even take being criticized at all. I see no work ethic in them either. I know people are working smarter now and the use of computers have lightened our work load but what I see in our future workforce really depresses me. I hope I’m wrong about this!

I’m starting to read Malcom Gladwell and his new book called “David and Goliath.” In it he gives many examples about how the under dogs actually have many advantages. I think I need to look at more people that seem to be under dogs in our hiring practices. I kind of feel I’ve been an under dog all my life. But I don’t think I was aware of my “advantages.” I better keep reading this may help.


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